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Bayhous is a flat-pack kit of parts that enables the quick & easy assembly and disassembly of beautiful habitable space; whether this is a tiny home, garden office, meeting pod, or play den; the possibilities are endless.
Design it
Like nothing else out there, the Bayhous system allows incredible flexibility of design. The kit of parts can include different furniture or ‘bay’ arrangements to produce limitless designs such as garden offices, office meeting pods, bike shelters and much more. Bays can also be changed later by easily swapping out furniture parts for others.

Design it online
This flexibility is in recognition of the variety of potential uses, and it is why the Bayhous model not only enables you to build your own space, but also to design it using a simple and fun online tool. The Bayhous design tool enables users to configure their own space by choosing and adapting ‘Bays’. From kitchen bay, studio bay, play bay, meeting bay, bed bay, bike bay, dining bay, utility bay, and so on.

Build it
Quick and easy
Bayhous is assembled from a digitally fabricated kit of birch plywood parts. The system is so simple that a relatively un-skilled couple can build a Bayhous outside over a long weekend. Users will not need to measure or cut anything, drill any holes, or mix or plaster. They will only need a screwdriver, an allen key, and a mallet.

Benefits of a kit of parts
Bayhous can be dismantled just as easily as it can be built. The kit of parts can be resold and shipped. It can be assembled in difficult to reach places and taken down if required. Demolition creates much waste. A Bayhous can be re-used indefinitely: a truly sustainable approach.

The system incorporates PIR thermal insulation in the floor, roof and wall, as well as an intelligent insulated multi-foil breather membrane that also ensures excellent airtightness. The internal wall and ceiling finishes are all pre-cut in birch plywood which has a lovely grain and colour. The floor construction enables Bayhous to be installed on pre-installed pad or screw-pile foundations.

Click here to see a short video of a prototype bay being built.
Love it
How to get your own Bayhous
You can submit a design via the online tool or get in touch if you want to discuss any other idea. We would be happy to design bespoke options too. Our contact details are below...